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A new believer was thrown in jail for “illegal operations” in the company he worked for. Although he himself was innocent, he was unjustly beaten in jail along with his coworkers who were also arrested. Yet as he was struck on one cheek, he literally turned the other cheek, and pointing to it he invited his captors to strike the other cheek also. Again and again he was beaten on one side of his body, and repeatedly he turned and told them they must beat the other side as well. In simple trust of Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:39 to “turn the other cheek”, this new believer discovered that he was standing under God’s protection. The beaters eventually stopped because they were tired, but he was still standing ready for more.

Praise God that this unjust imprisonment did not make him bitter against God, but served to strengthen his faith.

Let us pray that this man’s influence would strengthen the faith of other believers and be a humble witness to non-believers.