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One of the lady evangelists who was active in distributing the “Jesus” film entered a shop to purchase something She tells the shop keeper that she would like to give her a gift which is about the purest man that ever lived. The shop keeper received the DVD with tears and stated that it was some time that she had been looking for Christ and did not know where to go to find him. Several times she had prayed to him and he had answered her prayers. She loved Christ and had purchased a cross and hidden it under her chador. She had also asked Jesus to send one of his followers so that she might learn more. As she embraced and kissed the evangelist stating that she was sure that God had sent her, she then invited her to her home so that privately they could speak more about Jesus.

Several days later the evangelist went to her house and met the lady again. She had seen the film with her daughters and together they had cried while watching it. Her son had also seen it and had been very much affected by it. When her husband arrived home late they saw it again for the third time and all of them repeated the prayer at the end. That was the Monday night. On the Thursday night three families were guests at their home and after giving copies of the film to the three families they all sat and watched the film and afterwards, the subject of conversation was all about Christ. Her husband then took copies of the film to his place of work and distributed it to the other workers. Her son also copied it and distributed it to his school friends and her daughters copied it for her school friends. Altogether it had been copied 50 times.

The evangelist asked the lady if she would like to distribute more to family friends and the response was that they did not have the equipment to copy more than one at a time. The evangelist was able to give her 200 copies of the film stating that this is the greatest gift for anyone. This shop owner has become of the best distributors of the “Jesus” film. As a result, this family have brought a number of friends and family members to Christ. They have opened their home to become a House Church and through their distribution of the film they have become a blessing to many people.

Praise the Lord for the effects of the distribution of one film to one family.