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I was honored to meet a large group of Asian Christians who were working in the Middle East and who were beginning to see their ex-pat lives as God-given opportunities to share the love and words of Christ with the people around them. Different presenters talked about different people groups in their area, and I had the privilege of telling them about the Iranian people. The Asian believers were surprised to hear that Iranians were not all “terrorists” nor “hard-hearted”, but rather a family-loving people that were generally very open to spiritual discussions. As I was the final presenter, I noticed that more and more people were getting up out of their chairs and heading for the back door. Trying not to be disappointed in their disinterest, I told myself that it was late and they were understandably tired. But to my surprise, they all surrounded my table at the back, and had eagerly taken all 200 Farsi Bibles and videos from my table. These Asian believers were so excited to share the gospel with their Iranian coworkers that they could not wait until the end, but wanted to ensure they got a Farsi Bible to give away. One lady told me that she had a job interview the next day, and knowing her interviewer was Iranian, she was excited to give a Farsi Bible in her interview, without any fear of losing the job!

Please pray that these Asians would continue to see their ex-pat jobs as God-given opportunities to help others, including Iranians, seek God (Acts 17:26-27).

Please pray that God would give them wisdom and courage for the right opportunity to give out the Farsi Bibles, and that the Iranians would see the light of Christ in their lives and give glory to God (Matt. 5:16).