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A doctor got to know a middle-aged lady who had suffered a heart attack and who was now in the hospital. This lady in addition to the heart problem was also suffering from depression. The lady did not know that the doctor was a Christian but one day she says to him “I can see a special peace in your eyes and I notice that you are different from the other doctors. Seeing you gives me hope. Can you help me to be set free from my sorrow and depression? Is there a way to find real peace?” The doctor responds “I know the way. When you come out of hospital I am ready with my wife to visit you and speak to you about how you can find peace and be released from your sorrow.” She replies “what faith do you have and to whom is it directed?” He says “I was a Muslim but I am now a Christian and my faith is in Christ the Saviour of the world”. She responds “How blessed are you who is a Christian. We have not seen much from Islam. I hope Christ can sort me out. However I am in a hurry and promise not to complain to anybody if you explain it to me now”.

The doctor shuts the door and for 45 minutes explains all about salvation, freedom, forgiveness of sins and peace with God. With tears in her eyes she says “if only I had heard about this before” and prays and commits her life to Christ. After receiving salvation the doctor says “Your have received three blessings: Your sins are forgiven through the blood of Christ, by the Holy Spirit you are now a child of God and God is your Father and thirdly, you have new life which is eternal”. She responds “If I die tonight I know I will enter heaven and therefore I do not fear death”. He gives her a New Testament and every time that he has an opportunity, he stops by her room and talks about the Christian life. This lady with eagerness read the Scriptures but one week later she had a further heart attack and passes away.

On her bed, the doctor noticed that the New Testament was open to 1 John 5:13 “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life” and she had underlined this verse in red. She had also written in the margin “Praise God I have eternal life”. Even though the family were upset that she had died they were happy to know where she had gone. The testimony of this lady affected her husband and children so much that they want to know more about the Christian faith and have asked the doctor to keep in contact with them.