Hello. My name is Sasan and today I want to tell you how God saved me from my sinful life and forgave my sins and loved me.

I was born in a large family and since I was the last child in the family, all persons loved me and paid attention to me. Since childhood, I was interested in sport and knowing God. I well remember when I was a child, there was a place where there was a high-voltage power base and since it was so big I thought that God was there and one day I went home with enthusiasm and told my mother that I finally found God and when I told my mother it, she took me to the religious places to show me the true God but the fact was that I did not find God in those places.

In teen years, I was met with many ups and downs. I became a member of a football team and I began to learn the tactics and since every day I played better, I had become very proud. After a while, due to acquaintance with different persons and presence in the gathering of different friends, I became very weak because when I went in the gatherings, I wanted to be like them and soon I began to smoke hashish and I lost the happiness and freshness that I had before and the depression and boredom dominated me more and more. After a while, I felt that hashish did not satisfy me anymore and I began to smoke opium and I felt that since I was athlete and had a strong body, the opium had no effect on me and I could quit it every time when I wanted but every day I became worse and smoked it more.

On the other hand, there was other force inside me that pushed me to the opposite sex and I wanted to know what it was and what effect it had on my life! Due to the wrong guidance of my friends who said that the opium could increase sexual ability and make adultery more powerful, unfortunately, I smoked opium more and more and on the other hand I committed adultery with many different women and every day the darkness of my life increased.

At that time, a strange state had been made inside me. On the one hand, I was looking for drugs and adultery and on the other hand there was a force in my heart that sought God and wanted to find God. A so deep conflict had been created inside me and it was very hard for me to put together these three issues. Unfortunately, I was friends and had more contact with people who pushed me to the drugs and adultery and the world desires and pleasures.

Then, I was acquainted with a few Christians and their lives were very interesting to me. There was tremendous trust and confidence in their lives and they did not lie and their lifestyle drew me. I remember that in one of the church meetings, the pastor said that Jesus said: "anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart". This verse created a strange revolution inside me and I tried to stop adultery but the fact was that it was very difficult for me to follow the verse and I returned to the past sins again and began to smoke drugs and commit adultery. My life went down in the sin day to day and I had been so depressed and I finally committed suicide and after I came out of coma, I was sent to the psychiatric ward for those who had lost their control.

After I recovered my health, I went to the church that I went earlier and I resumed what I sought from childhood, i.e. knowing God. But this time, I had a strange strength and asked God to show himself to me and it became clear to me that Jesus Christ was crucified for the forgiveness of sinners like me. He suffered and was crucified to be a way for saving those who think that they have reached to the end and there was no way for them to be saved. So I gave myself into his fatherly hands and I told him: "Lord, I have believed in you and your cross and I want you to change me", and then my life began to change and God began to work in my life and changed me. The things in my life that it was very hard for me to abandon them such as adultery or drug, alcohol and cigarettes went out of my life by the power of God, and when I saw how my life was changed the enthusiasm and joy were created inside me. Even my look changed, and I looked at women as my sisters and the lusty look was removed from my eyes.

Now, I believed in Christ for three years and the past sins have gone out of my life. My frail and tired body became an athletic body like a body that I had as a teenager and I feel that I was born again and who lives inside me has kept me clean.