Hello. My name is Saman. I was addicted for eighteen years and I destroyed not only my life but my family life and today I want to tell you how God worked in my life and changed me.

My father had to be away from home due to his job and so we went to my grandmother's house and I grew up with my mother's family. I was completely acquainted with drugs and alcohol that were used in my mother's family.

Since there was no love in the family, I became familiar with the friends whom I always spent time and we formed a team together. When I drank and smoked for first time at a very young age, I had a strange feeling and felt that they gave me the love that I lacked and it made me more inclined to them and led me to lagged behind at  school and my mind was more focused on them.

When I was a teenager, my friends and I began to smoke hashish in addition to cigarette. When I smoked hashish, I began to laugh and it led me to feel happiness and I enjoyed it much more than cigarettes and alcohol, and that's why I smoked hashish more. When I got older and began to smoke opium, I felt that the opium made me happy more than hashish and so I smoked opium more. The lack of love had made a hate in my heart and I had become so cruel so that if I fought with someone, I treated him cruelly. Every day I smoked the opium more and became more dependent on it so that if I put my hand in my pocket and saw that opium was not in my pocket, I should prepare it in any way. Even if I did not have money, I secretly took money from my mother's bag or sold the home appliances to both make money for drugs and harm my family because I thought that my family had made me to be addicted.

When I got married, I decreased the opium smoking and I thought that I could quit the addiction by my new life because I was so tired and suffered but after a while I smoked opium very much again and it had become a problem for me. I was under pressure from both sides, because if I wanted to be close to my friends, I would lose my family and if I wanted to be close to my family, I would lose my friends but my tendency to be with my friends was more than my family and while always there were a lot of friends around me, I still felt alone and that's why I constantly smoked opium to fill the void of loneliness.

My wife was very annoyed because she saw that nothing mattered for me but me and drugs. Interestingly, my wife did not know drugs at all and she had seen it in my hand for the first time. This situation continued and the pressure from my family and friends led me to go out of the city to work so that I did not see my family and friends. That's why I cried at nights and suffered because I saw that my family was annoyed and I could not quit the opium and the opium had become God of my life.

I went to several doctors for quitting the addiction. I quitted the opium for a while and then began to smoke it again and whatever pills and medicines that were given to me had no effect on me. I was so tired of life that I cried at nights. One night, I said to God: "Lord, where are you? Either save me or kill me until my family gets rid of me! Why should I suffer so much hardship and misery?"

I was talking to God that I fell asleep. I dreamed that a bright person came to me and told me if I wanted to save from this life and have a good life, I should give him my hands and when I gave him my hands, a specific heat entered my body, and then he called me by name and told me: "Sasan, stand up", and when I stood up, I woke up and I saw that I sat and cried. The next day, I told this dream to my wife and we went together to different religious places to know who the person was but none of those places gave me the peace.

One day, one of my friends gave me a Bible and I told him that it was not what I wanted. After a while, my friend told me: "if you want to get rid of the addiction, I introduce Jesus Christ to you because he can change your life." Since I knew my friend and knew that his life and addiction was worse than me and I had seen that he had quitted the addiction and was very happy and his life had changed, I trusted him and told him to pray for me. When he prayed for me, the heat that I had experienced in the dream entered my body and then he read a verse of the Bible that said that he called us by name and so I remembered that the person in my dream called my name and I realized that he was Christ.

After he prayed for me, that night I stayed in my friend's house and although I had the opium and cigarette in my pocket, I did not want to smoke them and my tendency toward smoking the drugs completely stopped and after a while I also quitted cigarette smoking. Interestingly, a lot of love toward my family was created in my heart and I did not like to spend time with my addicted friends and I loved to be with my wife all the time.

I did not think that I would be so dear that Jesus Christ came to my dream but he saved me. There are many persons whose lives have been destroyed because of addiction and who have bothered both themselves and their families and today the highest divorce rate in Iran is because of addiction. Jesus Christ is the one who can help us addicted and dead persons to come back to life.