Hello Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Marzieh and forty years old. I believed in Jesus eleven years ago, and today I want to tell you the story of my faith. I always sought God and liked to know God more. That's why I always performed Namaz and read the Quran and had a religious authority, and I myself also took and passed the courses of Islamic theology. But the thing that always bothered me was that I was not sure whether I correctly performed and read namaz or not and sometimes I repeated namaz several times to make sure that it was correct and sometimes since I doubted whether I correctly performed namaz toward Mecca or not, I performed namaz toward some sides and these things bothered me and I felt that certainly something was wrong. So, I decided to know myself and God.

After a while I went the meditation and hypnosis classes, and passed all courses. I was so experienced that I sent my soul out of my body twice and also I could take the people's souls out of their body and send it everywhere they wanted to send. But it was not enough for me.

One day, one of my friends whom I went to meditation class, told me that she wanted to make me familiar with the Supreme Personality of God that the name of the Supreme Personality was Krishna. I went to their meeting and I saw that they had something like a chamber and believed that Krishna was in it and offered up everything to Krishna. Even, they first offered up the foods or everything that they wanted to eat to Krishna and then ate it. At first, I did not like their deeds and I felt that it was a kind of idolatry. But they wanted me to go to the classes for knowing Krishna and become more familiar with Krishna and I accepted and went to the classes for knowing Krishna for one year. But eventually I realized that in Krishna, the law was more than Islam and it was not something to comfort me and so I decided not to go to Krishna meetings.

One day, one of my friends told me that the son of Ayatollah Boroujerdi who was my religious authority has been released from prison and wanted to give a speech in a mosque in Tehran. We also went to the mosque but the section for women was very crowded and there was no place to sit. We wanted to go back that it was announced that the women could sit in the section for men and so we sat down in the first row.

When Ayatollah Boroujerdi came and started talking, I saw him as a very beautiful man with beautiful hair and eyes and he looked at me continuously. After the speech was finished and we came out of the mosque and I told my friend that Ayatollah Boroujerdi was very beautiful, my friend was surprised and said that he was totally bald and was not similar to the person whom I described. My friend also said the face that I was describing, was like Christ's face that she had seen in the movies. My friend worked in the office of Ayatollah Boroujerdi and when she had said it Ayatollah Boroujerdi, he had told her to tell me that Christ has blessed their mosque and in the day after the speech, several miracles had occurred in their mosque that were from Christ! It was interesting that in one of his great speeches, in which I also attended, he talked about character and life and miracles of Christ and all people was surprised that he talked about Christ very much.

I could not forget that face and I thought it always. One day, one of my other friends who knew the issue told me that she wanted to take me to the church. When I went to church and saw the cross in the middle of the church and the believers began to sing the songs, I just cried and had a very strange feeling and sang the songs with other believers with tears and I felt that my heart has been comforted.

After I came out of church, I felt a strange peace in my heart and I eagerly went to the church meetings about one month but I also performed namaz, even though I did not have any sense of peace and I was just bothered and I felt that I could never reach God and whatever I did, there was another thing that I had not done and God knew me as a sinner. I also felt that God has intentionally asked us to do these hard things so that we could not do them and went to hell.

Eventually, in the church I found true God whom I sought and I repented eagerly and also I realized that my God was kind and good, not a God who sought to bother us.

I know that today in Iran, many people seek different things such as meditation and summoning souls for finding more peace and better understanding themselves and God and eventually they have not found the true peace and have not reached God. I pray that God will show you himself and touch your heart and you know that my Heavenly Father will accept you with love.