Hello Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Behnam. I believed in Jesus four years ago and today I want to tell you the story of my life and my faith, and I hope that my testimony can have effect on your life.

I had a very good life since childhood. I had an older sister and a younger brother. My father was an authoritative person that none of us dared to oppose his words and yet we highly respected him and always accepted his views because we ensured that his words and comments were true because he had been able to provide us a relatively prosperous life by his right decisions.

I was interested in music since childhood and always went to music class and I also had a very good voice. I'd like to continue the music but I chose mathematics due to my father's will. At the age of 20, I formed a band with my friends and we played music at parties. There were alcohol and drugs in the most night parties and my friends always told me to try them but I never did it because I was afraid of my father and I knew that if he found it, I never could continue the music anymore.

One day, my mother called me and said that my father was hit by a car and seriously injured, and when I got to the hospital, my father died. My father's death completely destroyed my life. On the one hand, I was very upset because I loved my father and on the other hand I was happy because I felt freedom and there was no one who ordered me, and it was a strange feeling for me.

Within less than one month, I started taking alcohol and drugs and I tried all the drugs and I did not go to university anymore. That time, my sister lived in France and my mother sent me to France to be away from my friends and stop taking the drugs. I could not live there and I returned to Iran and unknowingly started taking heroin. I had a very bad situation and for getting money for buying the drugs, I stole money from my mother's bag, secretly sold the household items and picked my friends' pocket.

My mother believed in Christ by my sister. She asked some her church members to meet me and pray for me. They prayed for me and told me that they prayed for me a long time. My mother asked me to go to church with her and I told her that I did not like to be humiliated and called as heroin addict. Finally, because of my mother's insistence, I went to the church with her and saw the real love for the first time. They took me up rather than humiliated me and told me that the love of Christ could save me and so I believed in Christ. After one year, I quitted the addiction completely and now I play in the church for God and in playing music to worship God is a fresh and healthy spirit and I do not want anything else.

I know that the disease of addiction affects many youths in Iran. So, if you are involved in the disease or any other sin, Christ did not humiliate you. He can perform miracles. I am a living miracle of Christ. I was dead, but I came to life by the Spirit of God. Then, this miracle can happen in your life, because Christ is alive, and I always pray for the salvation of Iranian youths from addiction.