Sep 2014

Drugs and drug addiction among young Iranians

Unfortunately whenever you’re walking in the streets of large cities like Tehran you might face some touching scenes of an addicted person’s death or drug dealing by young people. But it’s been a while that I’ve become more meticulous about this issue and when I’m with a group of young people I talk to them about it.

Based on the official statistics the most popular drugs among young people is hashish, heroin, codeine, amphetamine (crystal meth, ice) , crack, alcoholic drinks and traumadol pills.

The reason of drug addiction among young people.

According to what I’ve seen, heard and read the most common reasons when you ask a young person why you take drugs are as follow:
- fun and entertainment
- curiosity
- emotional and mental pressures
- excitement
- energy
- concentration
- I was born as an addict.
- relief

But based on a reliable News Agency, Dr. Mohammadreza Golzaee the director at the National Center of Drug Studies says:” Iranian teenagers and young generations don’t learn anything about sexual issues at the high school or universities so when they have sexual disorders they take drugs and Tramadole due to the recommendation of their friends.” He also mentioned: “ It’s surprising because when I was a member of the leading party of the university, some headmasters had forbidden teaching about sexual disorders to the medical students so when these students became doctors, they couldn’t cure or give any prescription for sexual disorders and it’s a disaster.

He also believes that another reason of addiction is the lack of having a critical thought. He thinks that how to have a critical thought isn’t taught to us from our childhood. People would believe whatever they see in advertisements about drugs on television or satellite although 90 percent of these drug ads are lies. But the exploiters just for the sake of selling their products or marketing offer the wrong ads.

Which types of young people use the drugs more?

Unfortunately a group of them are born from an addicted mother so because of mother’s addiction during the pregnancy and breast feeding, they’re born as an addict. And sometimes they remain addicted till the end of their life. Based on the official statistics there are more than a million babies in exposure of addiction.

The other group is the university students and their main reason for using drugs is concentration specially at exam nights and hashish is the most popular drug among them. A hashish cigarette may cause 30 to 50 percent concentration and faster brain functions but 24 hours after using the hashish the grey cells of brain die. And apparently they’re not aware of this. According to the official reports, 21 percent of the addicts in Iran have higher university degrees than B.A.

The other group is the athletes who seem to be completely healthy but some of them are also trapped in addiction. One of their reasons for doing drugs or doping is getting extra energy. Some of them take some drugs like Amphetamine (crystal) to lose weight.

Where can we buy drugs?

Unfortunately the access to drugs is quite easy in Iran. The drug users can find the drug dealers in the streets, parks, beauty salons, schools, universities and dormitories, gyms, parties,…

And my point of view as a Christian.

I believe that the lack of having a great supporter, Heavenly Father- the powerful and merciful presence of a father whom you know that loves you and you love him and you know that you belong to him and when you have him you don’t need to kill yourself little by little! And you know that you’re responsible for your own body and your life! You’re alive for His sake and you live with Him; and despite of all of your weaknesses and problems you don’t need to live perfectly. You’re aware that he’s accepted you as the person you are and loves you to the extreme where he’s given his life for your freedom. So you’re that much precious and the freedom you own is that much valuable that you don’t want to make yourself a slave. You’d like to live better but based on His criteria not this world’s.

Lord, this is my prayer; lead the people who are unaware to awareness. Give their eyes and ears the ability so they’d be able to see you and hear your voice and say amen to your call and be free.


Are the kindergartens and primary schools a safe place for the children in Iran?

It’s been a while wherever we go, everyone is talking about the misbehavior of the teachers at primary schools or kindergartens towards the children in Iran and the question is that are the kindergartens and primary schools safe places for our children? And how can we provide a safe environment for them?

Recently a mother went to the Welfare Organization and submitted a complaint about one of the kindergarten tutors and said that the tutor abused her child. The tutor threatened the child by saying: “If you don’t obey me, I’ll tell the kindergarten’s chef to chop your hand off.’’ And the poor kid was really frightened. The other day the mother wanted to buy a gift for the tutor and the child tried to call it off and it made the mother curious and finally she understood that her child had been orally abused. First of all she talked to the principal about the problem and the principal told her that the tutor did the best thing to be able to control the hyper active child! So the mother went to the Welfare Organization and complained about the matter but nobody listened to her and as a last chance the worried mom changed her child’s kindergarten but the question remains that if the new kindergarten is a safe place for the abused child or not!

Now why do the Iranian mothers send their children to the kindergarten?

Nowadays most of the Iranian mothers go to work so the only way for spending their time at work without worrying is to send the children to kindergarten. Also there are lots of mothers who believe that sending the children to kindergarten helps the social growth in their children and they can easily go to school afterwards. So most of the Iranian mothers are interested in sending their children to kindergartens.

But a while ago there was news in the Capital of Iran, Tehran about a 33-year-old male principal in a primary school for boys, who raped a number of boys in the average age of 8 to 11. When the boys’ parents talked to the media about the horrible news, the assistant of the Education Minister of Iran had forbidden the parents to have interviews with the media. Apparently the assistant concerned more about the reactions of the western media against Iran rather than what happened to the victims. And according to some reliable news agencies he’s said: “ In each day 5 events like this happen in the western countries and they don’t let anybody know anything about that. Now why should we talk about this event to the media? “