Nov 2014


My name is Ali. Many years ago I was suffering from mental health problems and I did anything to find comfort. I was always engaged in drinking and fun with my friends and every night we had a party. But none of them had any effect on the improvement of my condition and I steadily worsened. Although I had filled all my times with fun and party due to not being alone, I severely felt emptiness and loneliness inside myself.

One day I rode in a car on the street. When driver began to move, I took my head out of the car window and said something to every girl whom I saw in the way. The driver was a cheerful young man and began to talk to me. He asked me why I was doing it! I laughed and told him to have fun!

The driver told me: “a few years ago I was like you, but I experienced such peace inside myself that filled all the gaps for me.” As soon as he said it, I felt that he was exactly like me and the first person who knew what my deficiencies were!

Unwantedly I trusted him and told him about my whole life and all the sins I have committed. He told me that my only problem was the separation from God; of course of course true God. He talked to me about Jesus Christ and I just listened and when I got out of the car, he gave me the name of some Christian satellite channels on the paper and told me that I could watch them instead of drinking or going party. At first, I did not take it so seriously and I did not think that it would be effective but one day after watching one of the programs, my mind was changed and I constantly watched these channels.

One day when I had sat in front of TV and the pastor was reading the prayer of faith, I exactly heard a voice that said to me: “kneel and read this prayer.” I knelt and began to read the prayer with no doubt and with tears. I do not know what happened, but without any effort, my life was changed and I found that peace that I always sought.

Now, many years has passed from my faith in Jesus. It was more than one year that I worked in a factory. In the factory, there was a machine beside my machine with which two people named Mostafa and Ahmad worked. They were two old friends, and addicted and I decided to make them acquainted with Christ to change their lives like me and save from that situation. When I talked to them about Jesus Christ Ahmad liked it so much but Mostafa disagreed with me from the beginning.

Whenever I talked to Ahmad, Mostafa began to intervene and tried to prevent him from listening to me. Finally, after that once Ahmad told him not to bother us, he was upset and told the employer that I evangelized Christianity in the factory and he expelled me from the factory without any explanation! Our employer liked me so much and I was shocked by his behavior!

At that moment when my expulsion order was given to me, I asked myself why the employer preferred Mostafa to me, although Mostafa was addicted and foulmouthed! In my answer, I just remembered the moment when people preferred Barabas to Jesus and Christ was crucified!

A Nemesis (Retaliation) which was annulled by a mother

There has been a hot news on the internet these days which is about the nemesis verdict of the eye of an old man who threw Acid on his ex- daughter-in-law’s face four years ago. His daughter-in-law got divorce from his son two years before this event and after waiting for four years for the court verdict, she forgave her ex- father-in-law in return of getting the custody of her child. The story is as follow:

Four years ago in Isfahan, one of the biggest cities of Iran, a seventy-year-old man asked his ex-daughter-in-law to come back again to his son’s life. But “Masoumeh”, a twenty seven-year-old girl who had a son from his ex-husband, didn’t accept that. But according to Masoumeh, he just mentioned this suggestion for two or three times and it didn’t seem that much serious.

At the very night that the tragedy happened, as every other week that the grandfather used to take his grandson out, returned home. Then he asked his ex-daughter-in-law to come to him after taking the child inside, because he said that he wanted to give her a present then she could give it to her son in the morning. When Masoumeh returned to him, the old man asked her to close her eyes and then he threw the acid over her face. And as the result of that she lost her complete sight and her beauty.

After a few days the defendant was arrested and then he was released by a fifty-milion Tooman bail. He was free during all these years and had a normal life like others. Four years have passed now and the court has sentenced him to “eye nemesis” and paying the “blood money”. But Masoumeh in return of getting the custody of her eight-year-old son, would forgive her father-in-law and wouldn’t want a retaliation or punishment for him.

I saw her interview after the court yesterday. A correspondent asked her: ”How do you feel after forgiving him and coming back home?”. She replied: ”I saw the happiness on my son’s face and the confidence he has about the finishing of this issue and he’s finally with me.” And the correspondent asked her: “How does it feel when you can’t see your child’s smile?” and she replied: “ I feel the smile on my son’s face and I can feel his joy and when he’s happy, I also become happy.”

She also shared a bit about her physical condition and said that many surgeries have been done on her which cost a lot. In the first months of her treatment, a few domestic newspapers and people helped her a little for the financial problems but she says: “The government didn’t support me at all! My family went bankrupt due to paying my medical expenses and It’s been five months that I stopped my treatment because of financial problems, because I don’t have insurance and I’m not able to pay all the costs on my own.”

But after broadcasting this interview, according to News Agencies out of Iran and the Facebook page of “Reporter” : “Among thousands of audiences of this interview, a person paid attention to that part of the mother’s speech which she mentioned that she isn’t able to pay all the costs on her own and it’s been a few months that her medical treatment has been stopped; that person said that all he/she had was a thousand dollars and he/she wanted to help this mother and asked the reporter to instruct him in it. And the reporter accepted happily to link that person to the mother directly so the medical treatment could be held again.”

When many of us hear such news, feel sad or hateful or we might reconsider the event and say that if we were in that situation what we would do or we might pity that person, we might cry or pray. But this person did something really different. His action reminded me some verses of the God’s word; “ Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace; keep warm and well fed, ‘ but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. “ (James 2: 15-17) and (Mark 12-44) “ …,but she, Out of her poverty, put in everything-all she had to live on.”

And of course it’s obvious that all of the people who hear such news aren’t in the high financial level! But it’s really good to give “a hundred” or based on God’s word, “ to give all we have even if it’s too little.”