Jul 2015


Hello dear believers. My name is Hayedeh. Now, I'm speaking to you, I am not in Iran anymore and I want to share with you the story of my faith and the problem that I had after my faith.

I got married with an engineer named Mehdi in 1979. That time, the conflicts of revolution in Iran still continued and the city was still very unsafe. My husband and I who had already lived in America for study several years, decided to migrate to America, because Iran was not a safe place for living.

First, we dwelled in New York but after we found that most Iranians have been dwelling in Los Angeles, we also went there. For several years I saw that the population of Iranians living in LA who converted to Christianity was growing. They sometimes announced good news in the places where Iranian gathered, but I never took them seriously.

I had a beauty salon in LA. One day a woman came to my salon and made me more familiar with Jesus Christ. She could draw my attention by some Bible verses and I promised her to go one day to their church because I had a strange sense of peace in my heart.

I will never forget the day when I went to church. I had a strange passion in my heart. That day one of the brothers, who is now a well-known pastor in Christian television channel, had a very effective preaching, and so I believed in the same session. But Mahdi refused to believe and ridiculed me, but I did not stop and prayed for his faith for several years.

We had a daughter. In 2008, our daughter and her husband decided to return to Iran and live in Iran and suggested us to go back Iran and live there. So we went back to Iran, but we were assured that we will face many difficulties and problems.

In Iran, we were members of a house church that founding it was really a Godsend. Our home had become the place of house church meeting and we often gathered with other believers in our home and talked about the Bible and I really enjoyed it. The members who were often too young were very thirsty for the Word and kept their faith despite restrictions in Iran and the faith that I saw in them was the faith that I rarely saw in the youth of our church in America.

This process lasted five years until two members were arrested. All members were very scared, and we were no exception, especially because we had lived in America for several years, the government was very sensitive toward us. Especially when we lived in America, we heard that many Iranians who had come back to Iran were arrested and persecuted by government without any persuasive reason.

Soon afterwards, our fear became a reality. One morning, a few officers came to our house and searched our house and took us to the security police center! We were intensely interrogated two days and they accused us with the accusations that we really did not know what they were! One of the interrogators told us that we were spy for America and came back Iran to undermine the Iranian regime!

We were also said that all members of our group and my daughter and her husband have been arrested and said that one of our group members has informed on all of us! We did not know if they really have told the truth or not, but it was very annoying for us! We were released after two days of interrogation but not allowed to leave the city, and we had to re-introduce ourselves two weeks later. The conditions of my daughter and her husband were the same. We did not know what future would await us if we went back there again.

That night, Mehdi, my daughter, her husband and I prayed a lot, and finally decided to leave the country again, but this time we had to do this illegally. We left Iran overnight and with a lot of stress and fear, fear of arresting by the police officers and reaching to the destination safely.

When I left, my eyes were tearing and my heart was sad because I had to leave my country again not legally but by escape!


Hello dear Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Sara. I believed in Christ 3 years ago by my uncle and his daughter named Maryam and I thank God that my family believed very soon after me and I did not have any problems at home due to my faith and I got married a believer and I have a good life.

Maryam came to my house yesterday. She was very upset and she had many problems with her husband. Now, I speak with you, I feel a burden in my heart and I want to tell you about Maryam life and the problems that occurred for her.

Maryam believed in Jesus five months before me, but unlike me, she had many problems at home. Her mother was a very religious woman and tried to prevent Maryam from faith in any way and constantly fought with my uncle and Maryam. My uncle died one year after Maryam believed. As long as my uncle was alive, Maryam would have fewer problems and go to the church and my uncle supported her.

But after the death of my uncle, the condition totally changed. Just after the funeral ceremony, after the people left, Maryam's mother torn and discarded all Bibles and Christian books, and expelled me and my family from her house due to being Christian and said that we had no right to go there again. She did not allow Maryam to come out of the house and have a relationship with someone. She wanted Maryam to marry very soon and forced Maryam to marry twice but since Maryam did not want to marry an unbeliever person, she had announced in public that she was not willing to marry and her marriage had been cancelled.

Finally, Maryam's mother had deceived her. Maryam had a suitor, named Arad, who is now her husband. Her mother had said Arad to tell Maryam that he would accept her as a Christian woman and allow her to go to the church and then stop her after marriage. She said Arad that if we can make Maryam Muslim, all our sins will be clean and we will go to the heaven because we prevented a man from becoming infidel.

After Arad had said these words to Maryam, she had accepted to marry him because she wanted to get rid of her problems at home and go to the church. According to Maryam, just a day after her marriage, when Maryam wants Arad to take her before their house church pastor or to bring her to our house to take a Bible, Arad angrily tells her that she has no right to utter the name of Christ and have the Bible, and they heavily struggle with each other and even Arad beats Maryam and when Maryam said this to her mother, she says her that he is her husband and has right to do everything to control her!

Yesterday Maryam said that she has asked her husband to divorce her many times but he has not agreed and also her mother encourages Arad not to divorce her so that she cannot go to the church again! She was very sad and lonely!!! She always prays that God will open a door for her to be saved from that situation!