Jul 2014

Stealthy Freedom for Iranian Women

Recently a Page has been opened in Facebook called “ women’s stealthy freedom“ which has attracted many people including the media both inside and outside of Iran. This page is not related to any groups or movements. It contains photos of women from different parts of Iran who in opposition to the rules and social restrictions have taken pictures from their momentary freedom and have shared them in this page.

It is interesting that despite the strict pressure and fear which is imposed on people from society and the Islamic Republic government of Iran, many have shown their collaboration by sharing their “ no veil” photos in this page to the degree that many people have come to the conclusion that during this short period this collaboration has changed into a movement. Among these photos and videos which have been shared by Iranian women we can see the companionship of their men which has been admired and noted by many, and during this short period it has been heard that some changes have begun: like removing head scarf in the movie hall during watching the film , removing the head scarf (hejab) in the car while driving,etc.

In the midst of this the fundamentalists and extremists have not been quiet and have proceeded with some actions including arresting a young Iranian group which have shared a video clip in YouTube from their dance on the roofs and streets of Tehran on the basis of Pharrel Williams song called “ happy”. Or according to “Tansim” which is a weblog related to Iranian revolutionary guards “ the guilt of assault and harassment to the women who have problematic hijab for their own contribution to the creation of the guilt should be remised or forgiven”.

In other words this group has informed that if these women have been assaulted, since they have created the basis of this assault by their own problematic hejab (on the basis of their standards for veil), the person who has committed the assault should be remised). However, in my opinion, as a Christian woman from Iranian society, the veil should be optional and not mandatory. This matter not only is not against scriptures but also freedom is everybody’s right and it should be respected. I feel myself as a drop from this sea and pray for the freedom of brave Iranian women.