Aug 2014

Immigrating from Iran to....

Most of the people who intend to emigrate from Iran to other countries, are young and educated ones. They want to gain further education in higher levels in well-known universities, find a job and a better social status. Some of them are families seeking better facilities for their children or the people facing political, social, religious … problems in their country and they have to leave there.
In my opinion, there are some people emigrating who assume they’ve got a “particular goal” in their mind but actually they do not have any information (or perhaps they have wrong or inadequate information) for achieving their goal in the destination country. These people decide to emigrate merely for getting a better and more comfortable life and facilities.

Entering the destination country may happen directly or indirectly; it means after spending a while in a mediator country which is mostly Turkey for Iranians. Lots of people enter the destination country in this way. However, staying in the mediator country during the legal procedure for entering the destination country brings up its own circumstances and problems.

In spite of these, I’ve seen people passed the difficulties of the way like living in a mediator country. But because of lacking enough information or false beliefs or superficial decisions, when they arrived at the destination country and practically faced the simple issues of that country like differences in time, climate, culture, language and not being able to find a job, all of their dreams they’ve developed in mind were destroyed and they regretted their decision. Among these people, lots of them decide to return home or they get homesick and feel depressed. Even if they tolerate the new situation for a long time, it doesn’t make any difference for them and nothing would change.

However there are some people who have got enough information, awareness, well-defined goal accompanied by perseverance, effort and strong will, who try their best and in the end succeed.
We should remember that everywhere everything is the same, and it’s only us who decide how to deal with our own issues and circumstances by an accurate choice, and finally how to use our abilities and facilities to achieve the goals.

Good Luck, Everyone!