Iranians’ Situation During the Sanctions

The sanctions against Iran started ten years ago and it had many harmful impacts on the lives of Iranians. Some experts say that it might take many years for the society after the lift of the sanctions to recover from the negative impacts of them. The sanctions caused decrease of economic and industrial growth, restriction of foreign investments, decrease in producing and exporting, devaluation of Iran’s currency and increase of the inflation rate. These are some of the problems that sanctions caused in Iran. Simply, the sanctions overshadowed lives of the Iranians specially the middle-class of the society who were hurt more than the others.

In this situation and because of the decrease in productions or limitation of the budgets, many people lost their jobs and it affected their families as well. By the increase in school and universities’ fee, many students were forced to quit. It didn’t just happen inside Iran but also affected the situation of the Iranians out of Iran. The American government started shutting down the Iranian students’ bank accounts which made it so difficult for them to reach their accounts. Even the parents whose children were university students outside of Iran couldn’t send money for them very easily because the banks couldn’t work with Iran due to sanctions. Also those people who lived out of Iran and used to send money for their old or sick parents, couldn’t support their families anymore because of the sanctions.

Another example is the food products and medicine which weren’t among the sanctions but as the influence of the sanctions on the situations, these items were included in sanctions as well. And as a result, these items got really rare or they were sold in a very high price. Iran is just like the other countries in the world and for producing the needed medicine whether for medication or in terms of the basic materials or the production, it needs international trade with other countries but because of the sanctions it wasn’t possible. For instance, the European banks were afraid of the fines and stopped any legal currency exchange for medicine even in the frame of the sanctions and it caused the medicine get rare for many illnesses such as cancer, anaemia, M.S, respiratory and heart disease. Maybe there were some Iranian samples in the country but as importing the basic materials got decreased, the medicine got rare as well.

It was almost four years ago that a big company which worked in sea transfer in Asia as transferring ships and containers carrying rice and wheat, rejected to cooperate with the important ports of Iran because they were afraid of the fines by the U.S and it made the condition in Iran worse than before. Due to valid News websites, beside this big shipping company, the other shipping companies also stopped their deals with Iran. In addition to these western conservatives, inefficient conduction of the sanctions by Iran also caused huge damages for the Iranian people. As a result, because of the shortage, the food products were sold in very high prices and again it caused lots of pressure for the middle-class of the society.

Despite the view of the former Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who believed the sanctions were only a few papers but the Iranian people were in a lot of pressure. The Iranians problems which were mentioned above were only a few examples. Some groups of people, especially the religious ones believed that the sanctions were the result of America’s behavior and another group of people blamed the government for this issue. But anyway all the people were waiting passionately for a fundamental change and they wanted the sanctions to be lifted. The nuclear negotiations that started by the new government, took almost 21 months to reach an agreement and during all of that the people had been praying to get rid of the difficult situation.

When the agreement was reached, the people came to the streets and chanted some slogans and celebrated that day by happiness. This isn’t the only prayers of us as the Christian Iranians but also it’s the hope of all Iranians that Iran’s government remain obligated to their commitments at the negotiations and the U.S government stay persistent in their promises for lifting the sanctions even if a new president would be elected and the happiness of the people would continue by the coming of the new situations. They always hope that the bad state of economy get better, the problems get solved and the lives become normal. However, by lifting of the sanctions and resolving the problems, the Iranians get back to their situation in 10 years ago. But the people are still optimistic and hopeful.


Hello. My name is Sasan and today I want to tell you how God saved me from my sinful life and forgave my sins and loved me.

I was born in a large family and since I was the last child in the family, all persons loved me and paid attention to me. Since childhood, I was interested in sport and knowing God. I well remember when I was a child, there was a place where there was a high-voltage power base and since it was so big I thought that God was there and one day I went home with enthusiasm and told my mother that I finally found God and when I told my mother it, she took me to the religious places to show me the true God but the fact was that I did not find God in those places.

In teen years, I was met with many ups and downs. I became a member of a football team and I began to learn the tactics and since every day I played better, I had become very proud. After a while, due to acquaintance with different persons and presence in the gathering of different friends, I became very weak because when I went in the gatherings, I wanted to be like them and soon I began to smoke hashish and I lost the happiness and freshness that I had before and the depression and boredom dominated me more and more. After a while, I felt that hashish did not satisfy me anymore and I began to smoke opium and I felt that since I was athlete and had a strong body, the opium had no effect on me and I could quit it every time when I wanted but every day I became worse and smoked it more.

On the other hand, there was other force inside me that pushed me to the opposite sex and I wanted to know what it was and what effect it had on my life! Due to the wrong guidance of my friends who said that the opium could increase sexual ability and make adultery more powerful, unfortunately, I smoked opium more and more and on the other hand I committed adultery with many different women and every day the darkness of my life increased.

At that time, a strange state had been made inside me. On the one hand, I was looking for drugs and adultery and on the other hand there was a force in my heart that sought God and wanted to find God. A so deep conflict had been created inside me and it was very hard for me to put together these three issues. Unfortunately, I was friends and had more contact with people who pushed me to the drugs and adultery and the world desires and pleasures.

Then, I was acquainted with a few Christians and their lives were very interesting to me. There was tremendous trust and confidence in their lives and they did not lie and their lifestyle drew me. I remember that in one of the church meetings, the pastor said that Jesus said: "anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart". This verse created a strange revolution inside me and I tried to stop adultery but the fact was that it was very difficult for me to follow the verse and I returned to the past sins again and began to smoke drugs and commit adultery. My life went down in the sin day to day and I had been so depressed and I finally committed suicide and after I came out of coma, I was sent to the psychiatric ward for those who had lost their control.

After I recovered my health, I went to the church that I went earlier and I resumed what I sought from childhood, i.e. knowing God. But this time, I had a strange strength and asked God to show himself to me and it became clear to me that Jesus Christ was crucified for the forgiveness of sinners like me. He suffered and was crucified to be a way for saving those who think that they have reached to the end and there was no way for them to be saved. So I gave myself into his fatherly hands and I told him: "Lord, I have believed in you and your cross and I want you to change me", and then my life began to change and God began to work in my life and changed me. The things in my life that it was very hard for me to abandon them such as adultery or drug, alcohol and cigarettes went out of my life by the power of God, and when I saw how my life was changed the enthusiasm and joy were created inside me. Even my look changed, and I looked at women as my sisters and the lusty look was removed from my eyes.

Now, I believed in Christ for three years and the past sins have gone out of my life. My frail and tired body became an athletic body like a body that I had as a teenager and I feel that I was born again and who lives inside me has kept me clean.


Hello Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Negin and today I want to tell you how God worked in my life and used me.

I grew up in a Christian family and my parents both served in the church and were very sensitive and wanted me to be a good believer. From the childhood, I felt the greatness of God in my life and I loved to worship and serve God.

As a teenager, I realized that I should decide whether I really wanted to serve Christ and follow him forever or not. I promised myself to always be a servant of Christ and worship him and live in him. I lived with this faith. A few years later I went to university and at university I met a boy named Arash and I told him that I was a Christian, and he said that he loved God very much and wanted to know Christ. Arash proposed marriage to me within a month. I was so happy because of acquaintance with Arash and I thought that surely acquaintance with him was God's will and believing Arash in Christ by me and having a Christian family with him were very good because he loved both God and me. He promised me that not only he would not prevent me from my faith but also he would believe in Christ. Thus, we married.

Just after the marriage, Arash broke all his promises. His purpose of marriage was only making me Muslims. He limited me and did not let me go to church and church meetings and read Bible freely. So, the condition was very hard for me.

After one year, I got pregnant and unfortunately, during pregnancy period I never heard the kind and pleasant words of Arash and even he rebuked me and told me that my child was not clean. These words really upset me but I always looked at the future with hope and felt that I would have a goal for the future with my baby. But when my daughter was born, Arash treated me worse. After my daughter was born, I went to my mother's house. Just five days after her birth, Arash took my baby of me and said that he did not allow me to breast-feed the baby because my milk was unclean and then he wanted to take the baby to his mother's house. When he wanted to take the baby, my family and I begged him, and the baby began to cry and he gave back me the baby. I had a very difficult situation and always lived with the fear if he allowed me to stay with my daughter or took my daughter of me again.

When my daughter was five months old, Arash told me that I must choose between my daughter and Christ, otherwise I should go to my father's house and was not allowed to see my daughter! Whatever I begged him to stop doing these things, it was not useful, and he told me to choose! I did not know what to do! When I prayed, God put this verse in my heart: "A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he leads justice to victory. In his name the nations will put their hope." Finally, I felt that it was a test of faith and God was examining my faith. So I chose Christ between my daughter and Christ, and thus Arash separated me from my daughter and I went to my father's house. After separation from my daughter, I felt that my heart had been separated from my body. I was always waiting for God to do something and give me back my daughter but the ways of the LORD are very different from the ways of humans. A long time passed and my daughter did not come back to me and I was very disappointed and even fought with God and said God: "why does not my daughter give back? Where is the hope that I had to you? When will the miracle happen?" Finally, I was angry with God and did not pray!

In desperation, God put me in a situation in which I could mother many orphans and take care of them and God put many children in the course of my life so that I could love them and when I looked at them, I felt that they were my own child.

God gave me the opportunity in my life to be able to be restored and look at my life with hope and worship God again because when I was angry with God, I did not worship him. By giving me the opportunity, God helped me to know that I was not a rejected woman who had lost her child and wanted me to be not only the mother of my daughter, but the mother of many children, and God gave me this assurance that he took care of my daughter and I could serve God as I liked by the faith.

I am very happy and I do not know myself as lost and rejected and even for a moment I do not feel regret that I chose Christ between my daughter and him because I know that God is good and he who promised is faithful and take care of my daughter well.


My name is Nastaran. I believed in Jesus three years ago and today I want to tell you the story of my life.
I grew up in a family in which there was patriarchy and it always made me sad. I got married at an early age when I was a teenager. The name of my husband was Saeed. I had a very good life after marriage and I loved my husband very much and for me he was an ideal man that I always liked. It was such a way that when I went out with my friends and my friends told me that the other men were so beautiful, I did not allow myself even to look at the men. Although Saeed did not have good financial situation and we lived in a small room, but there was love in our home and this was enough for me.

The years passed and our financial situation got better but I felt that there was no love among me and my husband and I felt that my husband has kept me distance. I had noticed his suspicious behavior and knew that he had relationship with the other woman because my neighbor had seen him with another woman. I had suspicious and annoying phone call that had made me sad. Several times I saw the phone number without name on Saeed's phone and when I called the number, a woman answered, and I felt that the woman knew who I was and tried to annoy me more and told me that she had relationship with Saeed!

The situation continued and finally I realized when I was not at home, someone came to my house with Saeed and sometimes my personal belongings were missing! I was sure that my husband brought home a woman because my neighbors told me when I was not at home a woman had come to my home! I was so upset that I wanted to commit suicide and I told myself that when I loved my husband so much, why he betrayed me!

After a while the situation became worse and he even gave our house keys to his friends to use our house for those things. He forcibly took me my mother's house and went and told me that he went to work but I knew that he had nothing to do and went back home. I had hated my house. I felt that my house was unclean because I knew that when I was not at home, someone has been on my bed or touched my personal belongings.

This behavior of my husband continued for years and he did not change at all. His behavior had created a sense of hatred inside me and so I decided to have revenge and began to make friends and have illicit sexual relationship with other men. Although Saeed did not know it, in my own mind I thought that I have revenged from him.

I was very sad due to the corruption that had involved my married life, and I thought only of revenge and I hated both myself and Saeed. I disliked myself and felt that I was a dirty and unclean person and accused Saeed and thought that I could never forgive him because if he did not betray me I did not become a prisoner of adultery!

One day, one of my friends invited me to Christ and took me to a house church, and when they prayed for me, I felt a strange calm and a new hope in my heart. In my life, I always thought until where I could bear the burden of my sins with myself and God showed me that he could cleanse my sins and I believed in Christ after three months, and I thank God that Christ took the burden of my sins.

After that I believed in Jesus Christ, I abandoned the adultery and revenge. The biggest blessing that I had was that I could forgive my husband and Christ removed the hatred in my heart toward Saeed. I never thought that I could forgive my husband and forget his annoyances and bothers and love him again. By the new life that I started, every day I experiences the blessings of God and the healing of my family relationship and my relationship with my husband has become very good and my husband also believed in Christ.

Since the betrayal and adultery has increased in Iran, as a woman, I pray for the women who have the conditions like me and commit the betrayal and adultery to calm themselves and avenge the inappropriate deeds of their husbands, and sometimes some of them commit suicide because of the burden of their sins!


Hello. My name is Saman. I was addicted for eighteen years and I destroyed not only my life but my family life and today I want to tell you how God worked in my life and changed me.

My father had to be away from home due to his job and so we went to my grandmother's house and I grew up with my mother's family. I was completely acquainted with drugs and alcohol that were used in my mother's family.

Since there was no love in the family, I became familiar with the friends whom I always spent time and we formed a team together. When I drank and smoked for first time at a very young age, I had a strange feeling and felt that they gave me the love that I lacked and it made me more inclined to them and led me to lagged behind at  school and my mind was more focused on them.

When I was a teenager, my friends and I began to smoke hashish in addition to cigarette. When I smoked hashish, I began to laugh and it led me to feel happiness and I enjoyed it much more than cigarettes and alcohol, and that's why I smoked hashish more. When I got older and began to smoke opium, I felt that the opium made me happy more than hashish and so I smoked opium more. The lack of love had made a hate in my heart and I had become so cruel so that if I fought with someone, I treated him cruelly. Every day I smoked the opium more and became more dependent on it so that if I put my hand in my pocket and saw that opium was not in my pocket, I should prepare it in any way. Even if I did not have money, I secretly took money from my mother's bag or sold the home appliances to both make money for drugs and harm my family because I thought that my family had made me to be addicted.

When I got married, I decreased the opium smoking and I thought that I could quit the addiction by my new life because I was so tired and suffered but after a while I smoked opium very much again and it had become a problem for me. I was under pressure from both sides, because if I wanted to be close to my friends, I would lose my family and if I wanted to be close to my family, I would lose my friends but my tendency to be with my friends was more than my family and while always there were a lot of friends around me, I still felt alone and that's why I constantly smoked opium to fill the void of loneliness.

My wife was very annoyed because she saw that nothing mattered for me but me and drugs. Interestingly, my wife did not know drugs at all and she had seen it in my hand for the first time. This situation continued and the pressure from my family and friends led me to go out of the city to work so that I did not see my family and friends. That's why I cried at nights and suffered because I saw that my family was annoyed and I could not quit the opium and the opium had become God of my life.

I went to several doctors for quitting the addiction. I quitted the opium for a while and then began to smoke it again and whatever pills and medicines that were given to me had no effect on me. I was so tired of life that I cried at nights. One night, I said to God: "Lord, where are you? Either save me or kill me until my family gets rid of me! Why should I suffer so much hardship and misery?"

I was talking to God that I fell asleep. I dreamed that a bright person came to me and told me if I wanted to save from this life and have a good life, I should give him my hands and when I gave him my hands, a specific heat entered my body, and then he called me by name and told me: "Sasan, stand up", and when I stood up, I woke up and I saw that I sat and cried. The next day, I told this dream to my wife and we went together to different religious places to know who the person was but none of those places gave me the peace.

One day, one of my friends gave me a Bible and I told him that it was not what I wanted. After a while, my friend told me: "if you want to get rid of the addiction, I introduce Jesus Christ to you because he can change your life." Since I knew my friend and knew that his life and addiction was worse than me and I had seen that he had quitted the addiction and was very happy and his life had changed, I trusted him and told him to pray for me. When he prayed for me, the heat that I had experienced in the dream entered my body and then he read a verse of the Bible that said that he called us by name and so I remembered that the person in my dream called my name and I realized that he was Christ.

After he prayed for me, that night I stayed in my friend's house and although I had the opium and cigarette in my pocket, I did not want to smoke them and my tendency toward smoking the drugs completely stopped and after a while I also quitted cigarette smoking. Interestingly, a lot of love toward my family was created in my heart and I did not like to spend time with my addicted friends and I loved to be with my wife all the time.

I did not think that I would be so dear that Jesus Christ came to my dream but he saved me. There are many persons whose lives have been destroyed because of addiction and who have bothered both themselves and their families and today the highest divorce rate in Iran is because of addiction. Jesus Christ is the one who can help us addicted and dead persons to come back to life.


Hello Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Shabnam. I believed in Christ fourteen years ago and today I want to tell you the story of my faith.

When I was six years old, my mother died due to cancer and my father married another woman. When my father was not at home, my stepmother annoyed me so much and when I told my father that she annoyed me, my father told me that I lied because my stepmother behaved good with me when he was at home. I grew up this way. When I was a young girl, I did not like to stay at home and had become a very rebellious girl. I went out with my friends after school and stayed out and went party and park with my friends until late. I did anything and smoke and I made friends with boys and I abused them. My father could not control me anymore because I did not listen to him and I constantly fought him. When I got diploma, I began to work in my cousin's company and I went out with friends after work and since I did not like to see my stepmother, I went my grandmother or my aunt's house at night and slept there.

I always complained to God and told him: "You are not fair! Why should I always be alone? Why did I lose my mother? Why should I suffer hardship in my life? Why did not anybody like me?" but yet I liked to know God but I could not know him by Islam and I did not know what to do.

One day when I was in the company, one of my friends whom I had no news for a while called me and told me that after work she wanted to take me to a place where I had not already gone. I agreed and she came and when I asked her where she was during the time, she said that God had shown himself to her and she has become a Christian and God has cleared her from her sins. She told me that today God would show himself to me. I did not understand her words.

She took me to a church. When I entered the church, the pastor was praying aloud. As soon as I heard the pastor's voice, a strange thing happened to me that I cannot explain it. My whole body became hot and I felt that my body was burning from the intense heat and I shed sweat and a strange passion was made inside me that I did not know why. I knelt and prayed with the pastor. After the meeting I talked to the pastor and told him what had happened and he said that the heat was due to the presence of the Spirit of God and invited me to believe in Christ.

When I came out of the meeting and went to my aunt's house at night, I said Christ: "if you really are God, show me yourself." That night I dreamed that Christ came and told me: "do not doubt me, I AM WHO I AM." I went to church for one month and I had a strange sense of peace. During the time, after my work was finished, I went to my grandmother's house and read the Bible to know Christ more. After one month, I told the pastor that I wanted to repent and so I believed in Christ and stopped doing the sins in my life by the power that Christ gave me.

Interestingly, just after that I repented, I won a car in drawing lots in the bank and I sold the car and I bought a house for myself by its money and the savings that I had. I knew the house as God's gift and the house became the place in which the house church meetings were held.

After a few years, I decided to marry a boy named Saeed who had become Christian recently and was a member of our church. When we were getting to know each other and I prayed to make sure whether marrying Saeed was God's will or not, I always received the message from God that this marriage was not God's will and God told me: "I intend the good things for you, and you will lose them by the marriage", but unfortunately I did not want to accept and I did what I liked and I got married.

After the marriage, I felt that I did not get the love that I should get from Saeed, but I did not know why. In a seminar, Saeed had told our pastor that he was addicted! Our pastor told me it and asked me to help Saeed and treat him as a true Christian and accept him. He told me that our goal was saving the souls and Saeed was the soul whom God had given me to help him and save him. In all these years that I've lived with Saeed, I've always tried to help him. He quitted the addiction several times but he again became addicted because he was addicted to all kinds of drugs. Fortunately, now it is about two years that he has quitted his addiction to drugs and just he smokes and I ask God to help him quit smoking as well.

I am happy that I could help Saeed, but unfortunately I never got the love that I liked as a woman and it is very hard for a woman to never be supported and to be always a supporter! I know that there are a lot of women like me who are in this situation and I ask God to give them the power because without the power from God it is impossible to overcome the difficulties of living with an addicted person!


Hello Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Marzieh and forty years old. I believed in Jesus eleven years ago, and today I want to tell you the story of my faith. I always sought God and liked to know God more. That's why I always performed Namaz and read the Quran and had a religious authority, and I myself also took and passed the courses of Islamic theology. But the thing that always bothered me was that I was not sure whether I correctly performed and read namaz or not and sometimes I repeated namaz several times to make sure that it was correct and sometimes since I doubted whether I correctly performed namaz toward Mecca or not, I performed namaz toward some sides and these things bothered me and I felt that certainly something was wrong. So, I decided to know myself and God.

After a while I went the meditation and hypnosis classes, and passed all courses. I was so experienced that I sent my soul out of my body twice and also I could take the people's souls out of their body and send it everywhere they wanted to send. But it was not enough for me.

One day, one of my friends whom I went to meditation class, told me that she wanted to make me familiar with the Supreme Personality of God that the name of the Supreme Personality was Krishna. I went to their meeting and I saw that they had something like a chamber and believed that Krishna was in it and offered up everything to Krishna. Even, they first offered up the foods or everything that they wanted to eat to Krishna and then ate it. At first, I did not like their deeds and I felt that it was a kind of idolatry. But they wanted me to go to the classes for knowing Krishna and become more familiar with Krishna and I accepted and went to the classes for knowing Krishna for one year. But eventually I realized that in Krishna, the law was more than Islam and it was not something to comfort me and so I decided not to go to Krishna meetings.

One day, one of my friends told me that the son of Ayatollah Boroujerdi who was my religious authority has been released from prison and wanted to give a speech in a mosque in Tehran. We also went to the mosque but the section for women was very crowded and there was no place to sit. We wanted to go back that it was announced that the women could sit in the section for men and so we sat down in the first row.

When Ayatollah Boroujerdi came and started talking, I saw him as a very beautiful man with beautiful hair and eyes and he looked at me continuously. After the speech was finished and we came out of the mosque and I told my friend that Ayatollah Boroujerdi was very beautiful, my friend was surprised and said that he was totally bald and was not similar to the person whom I described. My friend also said the face that I was describing, was like Christ's face that she had seen in the movies. My friend worked in the office of Ayatollah Boroujerdi and when she had said it Ayatollah Boroujerdi, he had told her to tell me that Christ has blessed their mosque and in the day after the speech, several miracles had occurred in their mosque that were from Christ! It was interesting that in one of his great speeches, in which I also attended, he talked about character and life and miracles of Christ and all people was surprised that he talked about Christ very much.

I could not forget that face and I thought it always. One day, one of my other friends who knew the issue told me that she wanted to take me to the church. When I went to church and saw the cross in the middle of the church and the believers began to sing the songs, I just cried and had a very strange feeling and sang the songs with other believers with tears and I felt that my heart has been comforted.

After I came out of church, I felt a strange peace in my heart and I eagerly went to the church meetings about one month but I also performed namaz, even though I did not have any sense of peace and I was just bothered and I felt that I could never reach God and whatever I did, there was another thing that I had not done and God knew me as a sinner. I also felt that God has intentionally asked us to do these hard things so that we could not do them and went to hell.

Eventually, in the church I found true God whom I sought and I repented eagerly and also I realized that my God was kind and good, not a God who sought to bother us.

I know that today in Iran, many people seek different things such as meditation and summoning souls for finding more peace and better understanding themselves and God and eventually they have not found the true peace and have not reached God. I pray that God will show you himself and touch your heart and you know that my Heavenly Father will accept you with love.


Hello Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Behnam. I believed in Jesus four years ago and today I want to tell you the story of my life and my faith, and I hope that my testimony can have effect on your life.

I had a very good life since childhood. I had an older sister and a younger brother. My father was an authoritative person that none of us dared to oppose his words and yet we highly respected him and always accepted his views because we ensured that his words and comments were true because he had been able to provide us a relatively prosperous life by his right decisions.

I was interested in music since childhood and always went to music class and I also had a very good voice. I'd like to continue the music but I chose mathematics due to my father's will. At the age of 20, I formed a band with my friends and we played music at parties. There were alcohol and drugs in the most night parties and my friends always told me to try them but I never did it because I was afraid of my father and I knew that if he found it, I never could continue the music anymore.

One day, my mother called me and said that my father was hit by a car and seriously injured, and when I got to the hospital, my father died. My father's death completely destroyed my life. On the one hand, I was very upset because I loved my father and on the other hand I was happy because I felt freedom and there was no one who ordered me, and it was a strange feeling for me.

Within less than one month, I started taking alcohol and drugs and I tried all the drugs and I did not go to university anymore. That time, my sister lived in France and my mother sent me to France to be away from my friends and stop taking the drugs. I could not live there and I returned to Iran and unknowingly started taking heroin. I had a very bad situation and for getting money for buying the drugs, I stole money from my mother's bag, secretly sold the household items and picked my friends' pocket.

My mother believed in Christ by my sister. She asked some her church members to meet me and pray for me. They prayed for me and told me that they prayed for me a long time. My mother asked me to go to church with her and I told her that I did not like to be humiliated and called as heroin addict. Finally, because of my mother's insistence, I went to the church with her and saw the real love for the first time. They took me up rather than humiliated me and told me that the love of Christ could save me and so I believed in Christ. After one year, I quitted the addiction completely and now I play in the church for God and in playing music to worship God is a fresh and healthy spirit and I do not want anything else.

I know that the disease of addiction affects many youths in Iran. So, if you are involved in the disease or any other sin, Christ did not humiliate you. He can perform miracles. I am a living miracle of Christ. I was dead, but I came to life by the Spirit of God. Then, this miracle can happen in your life, because Christ is alive, and I always pray for the salvation of Iranian youths from addiction.